Smash Hit


Throw balls to break all the glass




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Smash Hit is a first-person game in which you need to throw iron balls against all kinds of different surfaces, starting with glass. Your objective is to earn points by breaking everything in sight.

The camera acts on its own accord, and your only mission is to touch the screen in the places where you want to throw your balls. Of course, you'll need to keep the game's realistic physics engine in mind, since many times your balls won't be able to reach their destination.

The most fun part about Smash Hit is the realistic behavior of each element in each level. The balls bounce realistically, and when the glass shatters it's really a sight to see.

A game of Smash Hit ends when you run out of balls, so you don't want to act too fast and waste them all at once. Instead, you need to judge when to launch each ball, because a good shot is more valuable and worth more points.

Smash Hit is a fun first-person 'shooter' with beautiful graphics and simple gameplay combining into a spectacular game.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher.

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